Cambridge, Massachusetts, sits directly north of the city of Boston and boasts a full view of the Charles River. The town was named after the famous Cambridge University in England and is one of the most populous suburbs in the state. Cambridge is also home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, while also offering beautiful residential neighborhoods and a quiet urban experience.


As part of the New England states, Cambridge was one of the first areas to be established in the U.S. Pilgrims settled around the area that became Cambridge starting in the year 1630. Many of the regions and squares of the city had their start all those centuries ago, with old marketplaces now transformed into beautiful public parks and plazas.

In 1775, George Washington camped at Cambridge and took command of the volunteer rebel army that was located there. Since then, many people have considered Cambridge to be one of the main birthplaces of the American Revolution.

Education in Cambridge

The prestigious universities in the city of Cambridge may be the town’s most famous landmarks. These universities include Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Radcliffe College, which has since merged with Harvard. Movies, television shows, and other various works of fiction often mention these well-known schools, and gaining entrance to Harvard or MIT is often considered the pinnacle of higher education. Over 100 Nobel Prize winners have had at least some of their education in one of the schools in Cambridge!

Recreation and culture

The city of Cambridge is known for its culture and fine arts, and many residents and visitors often frequent the Harvard Art Museum, the Peabody Museum, and the List Visual Arts Center. These museums offer a well-rounded collection of traditional as well as modern art and often feature temporary exhibits shown to the public for a short time.

Cambridge is also known for its quiet, tree-lined streets that make for a perfect setting when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee at any one of their casual diners or take a stroll along city streets and enjoy some historic architecture. While in Cambridge, you might check out the Asa Gray House, Christ Church, the Middlesex County Courthouse, and Elmwood House, all of which are over 200 years old!

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