Medford, Massachusetts, is a quiet and lovely little town that rests along the Mystic River, just northwest of downtown Boston. The city of Medford boasts a long and storied history, having been originally settled and established in the year 1630, and was one of the first major traffic routes in and out of Boston. Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride also traveled along Main Street in Medford, making it a genuine part of American history!

History of Medford, Massachusetts

Along with being on Paul Revere’s route, Medford has also been part of American history in many other ways. For instance, two very famous Christmas songs were written in Medford. In the late 1800s, resident James Pierpont was inspired to write “Jingle Bells” after watching a sleigh race from a boarding house in the city. “Over the River and Through the Wood” was originally a poem written by Lydia Maria Child, based on her experience of taking a trip to the city to her grandparents’ house.

Not all of Medford’s history is quite so positive. In 1868, a resident was attempting to breed silkworms using gypsy moths, when the moths escaped his home and ravished local crops. Those moths have now spread throughout the entire United States!

Points of Interest

Tufts University is one main attraction in the city of Medford. Tufts is a private research university, meaning that the university’s teachings center on research rather than on actually preparing students for a particular career. Many of the programs offered at Tufts are associated with nearby Harvard University, and Tufts is also known for its study abroad programs.

Medford, Massachusetts, is home to the original residence of Amelia Earhart. Earhart, an accomplished pilot, was also known for her outspoken involvement in the equal rights movement and the many best-selling books she authored while alive.

The Mystic River itself is also a notable attraction in this area of Boston’s suburbs. Many residences are built right up to the river, while other areas offer places for relaxing and enjoying nearby wildlife. The river provided the title of a book by Dennis Lehane, and the book was adapted into an Oscar-nominated movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, in 2003.

Notable residents

In addition to Earhart and James Pierpont, the writer of the famous tune, “Jingle Bells,” many notable individuals have lived in Medford at one time or another. These include former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, actress Julianne Nicholson, comedian and TV personality Joe Rogan, and actress Jessica Biel, who lived in the city while attending Tufts University.

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