gutter cleaning near Weston MA

Gutter Cleaning Near Weston, MA

Gutter cleaning services might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to maintaining your property. After all, it’s only human to forget about things that we don’t notice, and many people take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to maintaining their gutters.

That approach works for a while — at least, until the gutters get blocked up and collapse under their own weight or a family of rats decides to use the muck to make a nest. The problem is that when something does go wrong, it goes really wrong. The last thing you want to do is to end up paying for brand new guttering and a renovation inside to fix the water damage.

Here at Weston Window Cleaning, we’re proud of our gutter cleaning service. We think of ourselves as a little bit like superheroes — except instead of fighting crime and saving lives, we fight muck and dirt and save houses.

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What you need to know about Roof Gutter Cleaning

Prevention is better than the cure, which is why cleaning your gutters is so important. But once you know you need to do it, the next big question is “how often?”

As a general rule, we recommend cleaning gutters twice per year as a bare minimum, although cleaning it more often can’t hurt. If you do go for twice per year, we’d usually recommend cleaning the gutter in spring and fall so that you’re least likely to experience problems in the middle of winter. For best results, save the fall clean for when the leaves have fallen from the trees so that any blockages can be removed before they cause a problem.

In fact, even if you’re using covers and screens, your gutters will still need regular maintenance, even if it’s just a visual check to make sure that all is working as it’s supposed to. If in doubt, check with a professional and they’ll be able to make recommendations based upon how your guttering is set up and laid out. Of course, we’d be happy to help with that too.

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What happens if you don’t clean your gutters?

What most people don’t realise when they think about gutter cleaning prices is the fact that it’s like making an investment in the future. If you fail to correctly maintain the guttering on your property, you can end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair damage.

In fact, improperly maintained guttering can even have a detrimental effect on your health. For example, if the gutter is blocked and water leaks it can cause mold, while rodent infestations can bring illnesses and diseases that could easily have been presented.

The way that we see it, getting your gutters cleaned regularly is like making sure you have an up-to-date smoke alarm with working batteries. It might not seem fun, but it’s important. Just make sure you don’t forget to get it done, even if you don’t choose us to do the job.


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