Lincoln, Massachusetts, is located in one of the oldest settled areas of the United States. The city of Lincoln was originally part of nearby Concord, but an area of that city was soon “nipped off” and then incorporated as a separate town. Some locals even still refer to Lincoln as “Niptown” because of its origins!

While only 15 square miles in size, Lincoln boasts beautiful historic architecture and attractions and is also home to Hanscom Air Force Base, situated within the town boundaries. As is typical with many Boston area suburbs, Lincoln also has beautiful, tree-lined streets and a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere that many people love to call home.

The Food Project

Lincoln, Massachusetts, enjoys a great sense of community and of giving back. The Food Project, based out of Lincoln, is one expression of this sense of community. The Food Project employs teenagers to work farms in Lincoln as well as the nearby cities of Roxbury and North Shore. These teenagers learn about agriculture as well as physical health, leadership, and charity. The food grown on these farms is sold at farmers’ markets or donated to local food banks and hunger relief programs.

Codman House

The Codman House is a local historical attraction, now owned by Historic New England and open to the public for several months out of the year. The main house of this property was built in 1735 and then expanded a few decades later, and its interior boasts an architectural style that has remained true to the original home throughout the centuries. Portraits and art collected from Europe by the original owners remain in the home, and antique artifacts also grace the original carriage house on the grounds of the estate.

The Lincoln Center Historic District

The Lincoln Center Historic District displays a collection of original New England buildings, many of which are now hundreds of years old. These buildings include a traditional New England meeting house, church, library, and town hall, as well as many residential homes that have stayed true to their original architecture. The Lincoln Center Historic District has been added to the National Register of Historic Places, and when you tour this area, you might feel as if you’ve stepped back in time!

Hanscom Air Force Base

The city of Lincoln, Massachusetts, is home to Hanscom Air Force Base. This base is non-flying, meaning that it only handles air force weapons systems for the military and doesn’t house actual planes. The site was built in 1942 and the base now actively supports the National Guard as well as many branches of the U.S. Department of Defense.

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