Wellesley, Massachusetts, is a thriving suburb located just outside of Boston. The city of Wellesley is known for its educational opportunities, green initiatives, and a real sense of community.

History of Wellesley

Many residents in the Boston area appreciate the rich history of their town’s origins. Wellesley, like many other Boston suburbs, got its start in the early 1600s and was then incorporated as a town more than two hundred years later, in 1880. As automobiles and trolley cars became popular, more Bostonians were able to settle outside the city. Soon, the population of Wellesley began to increase as well, and its numbers jumped by 80% in the 1920s alone!


Wellesley is home to the world-famous Wellesley College, a private liberal arts school for women, often ranked as one of the best in the country. Wellesley College has a low student acceptance rate, so admittance to the college is not an easy task. Notable graduates of Wellesley include politicians Madeleine Albright and Hillary Rodham Clinton, newscasters Cokie Roberts and Diane Sawyer, writer Nora Ephron, and journalist Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

Community Spirit in Wellesley

One unique aspect of the city of Wellesley is that there is no city-supplied trash pickup for residents. Instead, residents are required to bring their trash to the city’s Recycling and Disposal Facility. This trash is then sorted according to type, as well as recyclability and potential reusability. Old books, magazines, and other such printed materials are even left in a separate shelving section, free for other residents to take!

For many years, the city supported a “Take It Or Leave It” section of this disposal facility, where unwanted but usable items were left for other residents to take as desired. Because of budget cuts, the city eventually shut down this section of the facility; however, volunteer residents reopened the department within a short six months! Today, the “Take It Or Leave It” section is always fully staffed by volunteers who ensure that trash left behind is reusable and correctly sorted.

Wellesley residents also support many other green initiatives, including paying a premium for electricity created by wind power. City regulations also ensure that trees, especially older growth or mature saplings, are protected from unnecessary trimming and removal. The city of Wellesley also maintains some 26 miles of trails specially designated for walking and bike riding, to encourage residents to forego the use of motorized vehicles where possible, and has an efficient rail service in and out of the city, also reducing the number of cars on their roads.

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