Weston, Massachusetts, sits about 15 miles west of the city of Boston, and this idyllic suburb is a town rich in history and culture. Like many cities just outside of the Boston area, Weston was established a few centuries ago, and its architecture and sense of community reflect its strong, traditional roots.

Scenery and Architecture

Weston was incorporated as a city in 1713, and some of its original architecture from that period still stands. This is due in part to the work of the Weston Historical Society and Weston Historical Commission. The efforts of these organizations have resulted in seven individual structures in the city of Weston being listed on the National Register of Historical Places. When in Weston, you might enjoy touring some authentic early Americana architecture, including the Abel Allen House, the Isaac Hobbs House, and the Samuel Train House.

Weston has also worked hard to maintain its old-world charm throughout the entire city. Over thirty roads in Weston are considered scenic, meaning law protects their upkeep and appearance. Close to twenty percent of the town’s area is also protected, being set aside to serve as public parks and trails for jogging, horseback riding, and skiing.

Culture and Interest

There is always something for residents and visitors to do and see in the city of Weston! The Golden Ball Tavern was built in 1768 and was sometimes used as a clandestine meeting place for Loyalists during the American Revolution. Today, the tavern serves as a public museum. The Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History is a fascinating telling of the origins of the American Postal Service, with displays of older stamps, postcards, and letters for all to see.

For the younger crowd, check out the Weston Drama Society, a summer dramatic arts workshop for kids and those in their young twenties. For something a bit more outdoorsy, Weston Town Green hosts many events throughout the year, including local graduation ceremonies, an Easter egg hunt, and summer concerts.

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