Wayland, Massachusetts, may not be the most famous suburb of the city of Boston, but this town offers a tranquil lifestyle that its residents love. Wayland is known for its tree-lined streets, small town atmosphere, and sense of community, where the local government is still run by town hall meetings, and neighbors often linger to talk over fences.

History of Wayland

As with many other suburbs of Boston, Wayland, Massachusetts was first settled as a plantation in the early 1600s. The town was incorporated some two centuries later, having grown into a thriving farming community.

Wayland was not without its early academic achievements, however, as two generous benefactors established a free public library, the first such library in the state! The building that housed the library was built in 1900, and it still serves as a historic landmark.

Notable residents of Wayland

While Wayland, Massachusetts, might not be as well-known as nearby Boston, some very famous names have come out of the town. Notable former residents include Archibald Cox, a Special Prosecutor during the Nixon administration and who worked on the Watergate scandal, Glenn Cooper, a best-selling author of several highly acclaimed thrillers, including “The Book of Souls” and the “Library of the Dead” series.

Other famous names to have come from Wayland include Johnny Most, the radio voice of the Boston Celtics, actress Taylor Schilling, Survivor contestant Courtney Yates, and Tom Scholz, guitarist for the band Boston.

Scholz is also not the only famous musician to have grown up in Wayland. Perhaps the most famous former resident is Steven Tyler, lead singer of the band Aerosmith. Tyler got his musical start at the local high school he attended, before he and classmate and fellow band member Tom Hamilton went on to achieve worldwide stardom.

Dudley Pond

While Boston may be known as a quiet but bustling city, Wayland offers visitors and residents a bit more of a relaxing environment, especially in the area known as Dudley Pond. In the 1800s, Dudley Pond was used as a reserve water source for the city of Boston and surrounding areas, and it also became a favorite spot for moonshiners who were hiding out during the prohibition era!

Today, Dudley Pond is a favorite vacation or afternoon picnic spot for locals and tourists. Visitors can be found fishing, boating, and just plain relaxing by the water throughout the year.

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